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Quirónsalud is the leader in patient care for international tourists and residents

BayRadio | July 17, 2018

The healthcare industry is one of the sectors with the most promising future in the economy of the Valencian Community. The rapid growth in recent decades in terms of training of human talent and infrastructure investments have made it to excel in the country and there is an ever increasing influx of Spanish and foreign patients seeking healthcare at our hospitals. The wonderful personal care, cutting-edge technologies and qualified healthcare personnel at hand stand out.


Quirónsalud hospitals are international hospitals of excellence, equipped with a team of highly qualified professionals and cutting-edge technology. We provide you a wide range of medical specialities, hence making us an internationally recognised multidisciplinary centre both in the field of oncology surgery as well as in the other medical and surgical specialities. Having cutting-edge technology, at present, we are the best equipped private hospitals in the Valencian Community. With over 25 years of experience, around 800 people have worked and are working every day to provide care to its patients. Given their location; Valencia located in the city centre and Torrevieja in the tourist town par excellence, they have become a benchmark for health tourism and foreign citizens who seek to settle in these places.



Leading the ranking


As pointed out by Francisco Fiestras, the managing director of Quirónsalud Levante Region, «We are pioneers in international patient care and we have developed a healthcare management system in line with the needs of our patients.» Fiestras also adds, «we have a team of renowned physicians, cutting-edge technology and experience, which constitute the key features to provide a healthcare service of excellence.»

Quirónsalud Torrevieja Hospital has received the “Highly Recommended” Best International Hospital award worldwide in the Best International Hospital category at the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2017, for its care provided to international patients.

Thus Quirónsalud hospitals are benchmark international hospitals in the Valencian Community, offering a special approach to international patients, so that patients always feel at home and receive information as accurately as possible, paying attention to communication and various cultural idiosyncrasies of each patient.


Total international guidance, a key feature for internationalisation

Hyperspecialisation, be it terms of treatments or in specific countries, as well as “Total guidance” of the entire hospital for the international patient, are the keys to the success to attract citizens from other nationalities who wish to undergo any kind of medical treatment outside their home country.

As, Fiestras highlights, “Any hospital that wants to be an international facility must be oriented and set this way right from the beginning, what necessarily happens at an international admissions department that respects the culture of those patients, as “it does not make sense to treat a Russian or an Arab or a French patient exactly in the same fashion.”

Fiestras, emphasises that we are dealing with international patients who travel, who seek excellent care, involving least bureaucracy; patients who have to find all the facilities for their transfer and treatment, which includes, for example, translation services, or the presence of a prior free flow of communication with them so that on the same day or arrival they may be able to undergo the necessary tests, their case may be assessed by the medical team, and if possible, to begin treatment on that same day.

This requires that care is absolutely oriented towards that type of patient, “all diagnostic tests are done based on a protocol so that everything is done on time, undergo clinical session with professionals to determine the treatment to be applied, and start it.”

At Quirónsalud, we can proudly emphasise that we have an international department open 24 hours a day to cater to patients in any language at any time of the day, our hospitals also have specific wards for international patients and offer a translation service with eight interpreters at Quirónsalud Torrevieja and five interpreters at Quirónsalud Valencia besides many other languages.


Written by BayRadio

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