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Preventorio de Gandia update from Silvia

BayRadio | October 1, 2018

What an eventful week it has been !!

The children are all back and settled into their routines after a long and hot summer holiday.

We have continued to help where we can even though the home was closed.


Last weekend Javea had its own Triathlon and Kinsa Dicks raised over a €1,000 by actually entering the triathlon completing it in an hour and forty seven minutes. What stars ⭐️ ⭐️!!

The Pilates class Kinsa runs also donated bags of dry store goods, a huge thank you to all of you.


Zoe Candice Samson drove up on Thursday with her car so full with clothing and food. Clare and Zoe from Misty Moo’s have come on board and as young mums have found the time to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. I know I have found two supporters here who will help us.

An eye opener for Zoe I’m sure as it was also birthdays  celebrations.😘


Julie Borthwick as always arrived with the birthday cakes and presents.


I went to a lunch organised by Tracey Billing where I was presented with €410 raised by these lovely ladies to help cover the cost to insure a 7 seater car that had been gifted to the home by Joanne Cafferty.

Now you sometimes meet people in life who blow you away with their generosity and kindness, this lady is just that because we met once before at a lunch and a few wines later she offers me her car for the home just like that !!!

What can we say Joanne as words can’t describe what this means to the home as the car they have had given up the ghost.

The insurance and name changing is in the hands of the lawyers now so watch this space 😊.

So there you have it folks, the problems haven’t gone away. We have new little children in the home and I mean little 😕.

The needs are the same food and clothing always a priority.


If there is a company out there who would like to sponsor the birthday presents for this next school year I would be so grateful as every child should get a birthday present 🎁

€20 a gift x 50 is €1,000

Every month is a worry about finding the money to buy a birthday present or  five even !!


People are already talking about Christmas so I’m going to 😊

When you’re out there shopping please pop a gift into your trolley for a girl or boy aged 4-14. Every little helps 😊

Finally because of the lack of funds and again it’s politics to blame. The home had to cut the hours of a valued staff member.

Sister Caterina  phoned me to see if there was a way we could help keep Monica on as the Sisters speak little Spanish and knew that the mornings were going to be hard trying to get 50 children up dressed and breakfasted.

My worry was that the little funds we have would just disappear but knew that Monica was needed.


Along comes Jenny Hart and The Masonic home of Valencia Association and with Moraira  Charity Shop, they have agreed to fund Monica until the end of the school year (June) A very emotion phone call but in a good way 😊

There are GOOD people in our community and I cannot thank you enough !!


Please keep supporting us and if you fancy organizing a fund raiser for us please go for it as every cent helps feed the children on our door step.

Every cent helps fill the gas tank with fuel to keep the children warm this winter on our doorstep.


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