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Marine Science and Tritones Association – LAUDE LES

BayRadio | October 15, 2018

Recently, four of our Year 12 Marine Science students attended a presentation from the Captain of the Spanish Oceanographic survey vessel Malaespina which has been surveying in the local area.



The coastguard from Altea invited us on their boat to greet the Malaespina as it arrived in Altea and to also make a quick sweep of the bay looking for dolphins.


In the Club Nautic the Captain explained how the survey vessel maps seabeds and the new sonar technology that they are using to produce 3D maps of the Spanish coastal waters.


In the Marine Science AS course we study a whole topic on the sea bed, the use of technology in exploration and so the experience will prove invaluable to them later in their course.


Russell Hollingworth

Marine Science Teacher, Marine Biologist

LAUDE Lady Elizabeth School

Written by BayRadio

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