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Dear Listener

BayRadio | April 2, 2020
Dear Listener Covid-19

These are the worst of times. In the current year no one will avoid being affected either directly or indirectly by the virus and so whilst having record breaking audiences would normally be cause for great celebration, we recognise that this is largely due to the need for everyone to keep fully informed and the trust you have in BayRadio.

Irrespective of these difficulties BayRadio must keep going. Our objective and our duty, is to continue providing you with accurate news on a regular basis together with a level of entertainment that we hope will help lift your spirits.

Of course, like every business we will suffer losses but we join you in the confidence that we will survive this dreadful episode and together we will celebrate with a relationship that will be stronger and closer than ever before.

Inevitably in a crisis there can be a deluge of misleading or erroneous messages and whilst some of these are from well-meaning sources, they can often be unhelpful or potentially dangerous and so we will always verify any advice that we provide and we will be vigilant in identifying inaccurate news items.

Wherever you are we hope you are safe and well, and along with everyone here at BayRadio looking forward to a massive party at the end of this dreadful period. Together we will celebrate a great victory.

Stay safe.

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