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The Health Ministry’s María José Sierra, says 30,080 patients have recovered from coronavirus

BayRadio | April 6, 2020

The Health Ministry’s María José Sierra, says 30,080 patients have recovered from coronavirus and have been discharged from hospital, that’s 29% of the total.

What’s more in most of the regions, the number of people hospitalised has fallen compared to previous days.

The downward trend of daily deaths has continued with the latest number falling to 674, lowest seen in 10 days, this marks a fall of 135 compared to Saturday, which saw 809.

The highest total so far was reported last Thursday April 2, with 950 fatalities from Covid-19 in a 24-hour period.

The total number of deaths in Spain now stands at 12,418, with 130,759 confirmed infections, a rise of 6,023 in the 24 hours before the new figures were released.

New infections grew just 5%, however, which is the lowest rise since the health crisis began.

However, there has been a trend of underreporting figures on Sundays and Mondays, meaning that these should be viewed with caution.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez held one of his now weekly video conference calls with the premiers of Spain’s 17 regions yesterday.

The Socialist Party (PSOE) chief discussed the progress of the virus throughout the country, and the measures that are on the table to combat its spread.

This includes a new extension of the state of alarm and confinement measures for another two weeks, until April 26.

This will have to be approved by parliament this Thursday, two days before the current period expires.

Sánchez also called on regional premieres to prepare a list of hotels, hostels and sports halls where people who are confirmed to have the virus, but have no symptoms, can be housed.

The Spanish government insists that it is testing between 15,000 and 20,000 people a day. But it is not clear when this began or how many people have been tested.

Currently, most testing in Spain is being carried out on people with clear symptoms.

The prime minister told regional leaders that a million tests will be arriving in the regions in the coming days.

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