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Dear Listener and Clients

BayRadio | April 16, 2020
PopUp Dear Listener and Client

We are now several weeks into the global lockdown and for many people there is a growing urgency to see an end to the economic and social difficulties that this has introduced. In these desperate times Bay Radio has a responsibility to both audience and client alike.

For our listener – we continue our undertaking to provide you with information and entertainment, produced in the professional manner you have come to expect. Our contact lines remain open for you and you can use us to communicate to our audience which grows every single day. We will also continue to ensure that information which we provide is based on factual and proven sources.

For our clients – we recognise that these are the most difficult times you have ever encountered. We will endeavour to support you as you strive to introduce new business methods in order to ensure that your business can survive and grow in these most punishing days.

Despite the trauma of the last few weeks we all recognise that the constraints we endure, in order to combat this dreadful virus, are both essential and universal. No individual, no community and no country is exempt. However, there will be a time when immunity exists and our lives can get back to normal. Until then we are all learning to handle the complications of everyday life and cherish the thought that there will be a time when we can once again embrace our loved ones and restart our lives.

Stay safe.

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