Officially, Spain’s death toll, which remains among the world’s highest, is closing in on 20,000

todayApril 17, 2020

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Officially, Spain’s death toll, which remains among the world’s highest, is closing in on 20,000.
But there is evidence that it could be far higher, with many deaths, especially those in nursing homes, not properly classified as stemming from coronavirus.

PM Pedro Sánchez and other officials reject accusations from opposition politicians accusing the fragile coalition government of intentionally underreporting Covid-19 fatalities, but the authorities have now begun a recount, trying to measure the actual losses.

While the central government has yet to adjust its official death figure, numbers released by some of Spain’s regions have been shocking.

Last week, the regional government in Madrid estimated that almost 3,500 people had died in its nursing homes after displaying probable symptoms of the virus.

Since they had not been tested, they had not been included in the official samller tally of 781 for nursing homes in the capital.

Several regions of Spain are refusing to accept the central government’s plan to give a universal passing grade to non-university students due to coronavirus-related school closures.

Although Education Minister Isabel Celaá, of the Socialist Party (PSOE), believed she had secured a general consensus with regional authorities, the agreement did not last long.

Madrid, Murcia and the Basque Country now say they will not be implementing the document as they disagree with at least two of its stipulations.

Despite the rejection, the Education Ministry is still planning to approve the order agreed by the majority, which “will only apply to the regions that endorse the document.”

Meanwhile Barcelona’s mayor has called for an end to strict lockdown measures which bar children from going out for any reason.

Ada Colau, herself the mother of youngsters aged three and nine argues that children should be allowed out in their local area, as in other countries, “in accordance with health experts’ advice”.

Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias has come under fire after he said he was “very lucky” his three children have a garden, adding he was “aware that millions of families had children stuck in small apartments.

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