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The number of people with coronavirus who have died in Spain has passed 20,000

BayRadio | April 19, 2020

The number of people with coronavirus who have died in Spain has passed 20,000.

The health authorities reported 565 further coronavirus related fatalities a slight fall on the previous day’s figure of 585.

It brings the total to 20,043, while the number of infections has passed 190,000.

Only the United States and Italy have had more COVID-19 deaths.

In Spain, infections have risen to 191,726 compared with the previous tally of 188,068.

As the outbreak’s spread slows in the country, pressure on hospitals has relaxed.

Authorities have closed one part of a huge temporary hospital with thousands of beds set up by the military in a convention centre in Madrid.

But strict confinement rules are expected to be extended beyond 26 April.

More than 74,000 people in Spain have recovered.

However, this week the Spanish government called for more precise data to supplied after discrepancies in regional figures came to light.

Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida says that events involving large crowds would most likely not be able to resume here until autumn at the earliest.

He argued that “the situation is probably not going to be completely under control and there will be the chance of an upsurge in the coronavirus pandemic.”

He added that we are going to have to change our habits, “even once we can take to the streets.”

He said that he thought it would be very difficult for there to be “events with crowds, whether that be football matches or other sports or music concerts.”

He did, however, say that there was a chance that games could take place behind closed doors.

One in four Guardia Civil officers have tested positive for COVID-19.

Since March 31, 5,878 tests have been carried out on both active and reserve officers.

That figure represents just over 7%, it focued on those who are suspected to have been infected.

So far the pandemic has claimed the lives of seven Guardia Civil officers.

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