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WATCH: 11-year-old boy forced into self-harm by ‘blue whale challenge’ Instagram hacker – Bay Radio

BayRadio | July 12, 2020

The frightening Blue Whale Challenge has resurfaced on the Instagram accounts of British children in Spain.

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Victoria Mcleish contacted us last Thursday with the frightening story of how her 11-year-old boy, Rocky, was forced into self-harming after an Instagram account hacked his personal details.

The account (named johnothan._267) asked Rocky to click an NHS hyperlink, which appeared to somehow give the hacker access to Rocky’s name, address, age, IP address, computer codes and more.

Threatening to ‘kill his mum’ if Rocky didn’t comply, the terrifying account asked Rocky to play a game .. They later learned that this game starts with self-harm, and after 50 days of challenges ends in forced suicide.

So now, for 50 days, Rocky and Victoria want to raise awareness about the dangerous of Instagram and self-harm. Will you help them share?

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