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Masks to be obligatory in ALL public spaces in Spain’s Valencian Community from today – inc. Alicante and the Costa Blanca

BayRadio | July 18, 2020

Masks will become obligatory in all public spaces in the Valencian Community, regional health minister Ana Barcelo announced today.

Ignoring to wear a sanitary mask will become punishable by a fine in both open and closed spaces, as has already happened in autonomous communities such as Andalucia, the Balearic islands and Catalonia.

Barcelo said there are currently 20 active outbreaks in the Valencian region, for which hundreds of special medical workers have been deployed to track and isolate potential related patients.

The majority of the outbreaks have occurred in members of a single family due to get-togethers and parties.

Barcelo said the rest have happened during ‘nighttime activities’ such as at nightclubs.

She said infections have quadrupled in the 20-40 age range due to the relaxation of safety measures.

Not all masks are permissible: only sanitary and surgical-grade masks may be used; not masks with exhalation valves.

There are currently 303 active coronavirus cases in the Valencian Community.

New infections appear to be on a slight increase, with 83 new positives diagnosed by PCR on Thursday, as of latest stastics.

Graph showing new diagnoses by PCR (red) and new cured patients (green) from March to July. Source: Sanitat

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