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Daily new COVID-19 infections break 1,000 as Spain sees highest number since May 1 – when we were still in lockdown

BayRadio | July 29, 2020

Spain’s Ministry of Health has announced the highest number of daily new COVID-19 infections since May 1 as 1,153 cases were announced in today’s statistics.

It is the highest number since May 1, when 1,175 daily new cases were recorded – and when were still a week away from easing lockdown.

The milestone 1,000 has also been named by health officials as a ‘limit’ in Spain’s post-lockdown new normality before new sweeping restrictions might be imposed.

It comes as Spain is battling more than 400 localised outbreaks across the country.

Despite the large numbers, however, 70% of all new cases today come from just three regions: Aragon (424), Cataluña (211) and Madrid (199).

Back on May 1 however 84 patients went into intensive care – whereas only 21 have entered intensive care over the last 7 days.

Around 50% of new cases are now occurring in the 19-34 age group, who are largely asymptomatic.

Written by BayRadio

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