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WATCH: Covid-19 stats WEDNESDAY 12 Aug and dangers of asymptomatic young people in Spain with Dr Henk Landa

BayRadio | August 13, 2020

News of a 20-year-old asymptomatic man infecting his 80-year-old grandma with COVID-19 after catching it at a Madrid party has sparked today’s stats and analysis video.

As Spain recorded 1,690 new COVID-19 cases today, Wednesday 12th August, we are noticing asymptomatic cases making up nearly 50% of the total daily case load.

We spoke with family physician Dr Henk Landa from the Hospital San Carlos in Denia.

He explained how asymptomatic patients can transmit the virus by talking loudly or singing, or otherwise, and that young people should be conscious of potentially carrying the virus without even knowing.

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