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Ministers for health and education have planned a meeting

BayRadio | August 20, 2020
Ministers for health and education have planned a meeting for next Thursday the 27th to discuss strategy before children in Spain go back to school.
Classes begin on different dates in different regions, with some of the earliest new terms starting on Friday the 4th of September.
The ministries will design a full procedure which will take on board feedback from the regional governments in order to prevent contagion in the classroom.
One of the ideas being floated by the national government is for pupils to have a 50-50 split between online and in-person lessons. Other ideas include children taking classes in 'shifts' – one group in the morning and one in the afternoon.
The procedure agreed will need to be followed in all regions, and could include measures such as compulsory masks for all pupils aged six and over.

Meanwhile, four unions have announced that teachers are to go on strike in Madrid over concerns about returning to school.
Regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso has since said that plans will be released next week, when discussions between regional authorities and the government take place.
The news came as Madrid has become the new epicentre of the latest spike in coronavirus infections, overtaking Catalonia to return as the main area for the virus.

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