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COVID-19 STATS: infections still rising at 2,415 – but critical patients 0.2% of new diagnoses and beds only 5.4% full

BayRadio | August 25, 2020

The ministry of health has confirmed the diagnoses of 2,415 new coronavirus cases on Monday.

New cases are continuing to rise at Spain comes to the end of August, with daily infection levels looking nearly like lockdown again.

Daily new COVID-19 cases since beginning of pandemic in Spain. Source.

The following four regions contributed 61% of new infections:

  • Andalucia (257)
  • Canary Islands (216)
  • Madrid (768)
  • Basque Country (225)

Despite high daily infections, however, just 0.2% of new patients over the last seven days have entered intensive care (UCI).

Hospital beds set aside for COVID-19 patients are occupied at just 5.3% of total capacity across Spain.

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