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Hotels 70% full during October ‘puente’ on the Costa Blanca

BayRadio | October 14, 2020

Tourist accommodation on the Costa Blanca enjoyed 70% occupancy over the October long-weekend – the best figures since end of lockdown.

The annual ‘puente’ long weekend in October has brought Spain’s Costa Blanca the best occupancy statistics since the start of lockdown.

Campsites filled up to 82% of capacity from 9–12 October while hotels showed 71% occupancy.

In Benidorm, tourists filled 41% of available beds.

These are the best figures seen since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to leading hotel association HOSBEC.

The news is not all rosy for the tourism industry, however.

Despite high occupancy numbers, only 30% of the Costa Blanca’s entire hotel industry remains open.

There are currently just 31 hotels open in Benidorm, according to Diario Informacion, with 12 planning to close over the next few days.

Benidorm usually has 180 hotels open at this time of year.

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