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70% OFF: masymas offers cut-rate packs to fight food waste

BayRadio | October 21, 2020
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The masymas supermarket chain has teamed up with environmental app Too Good to Go.

Masymas’s 126 stores are now offering cut-rate daily packs of products to help fight food waste.

The packs for €3.99 are available through the Too Good to Go app (iOS and Android) for between 7pm-9pm pick up.

Included in the packs are a variety of vegetables, charcuterie, pastries, snacks, dried food, milk products and drinks – depending on what is left over that day.

Also available are any other of Too Good To Go’s more than 5,000 collaborating establishments throughout Spain.

The mobile app aims to help restaurants, supermarkets and other establishments sell excess food.

The Too Good to Go app shows you what food packs are available for pick up in your area. Download the app on iOS or Google Play.

The start-up was born in Denmark in 2016 after the founders felt sick throwing away good food following an open buffet.

The company arrived in Spain in 2018, and have saved 1.5 million packs of food so far, according to the company’s website.

More than 1 million users use the app across Spain – the 7th biggest culprit in the EU for throwing out food.

Oriol Reull, director of Too Good To Go in Spain, told BayRadio in a statement: “Food waste is responsible for up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, our challenge is to ensure that food produced is equal to food consumed, minimising its environmental impact.”

The app is present in 15 countries now.

Any business can sign up (BayRadio found bakeries in close distance of our Javea HQ) with food packs generally offered between 2-5€.

“Saving a pack in Too Good To Go is equivalent to avoiding the same CO2 as if you left the television on for two days” Reull said.

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