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‘Facebook Parejas’ – Tinder for Facebook arrives in Spain

BayRadio | October 22, 2020
Facebook Dating Facebook Parejas spain

Facebook Parejas is a free dating service available in Spain via your normal Facebook app, as of today.

Facebook Parejas has launched today across Spain, allowing users to safely match with potential lovers on the massive Facebook network.

The function began in 2019 in the USA, before this week saw its roll-out in 32 European countries.

The service works by ‘suggesting’ potential love interests based on your own profile and interests.

“Facebook Parejas focuses on people, not on profiles, and seeks to get as close as possible to how people meet in the real world – moving away from the ‘swipes’ of other dating applications,” said Kate Orseth, product manager of Facebook Dating, during a press briefing with European journalists.

Suggestions of profiles are never from within your own friend’s list. (However, you can use the ‘amor secreto’ function to see if a friend of yours also has a crush on you.)

To use the service, users can navigate to Facebook Parejas (heart icon) in the app on their smartphones – provided they are 18+ years of age.

Profiles can be filtered to include preferences of each user, as well as defining the age, religion, education and interests of a potential partners.

Once two profiles are ‘matched’, the users may message by text. They may also have a ‘virtual date’ online, giving them a chance to talk face-to-face during the pandemic.

To protect security, Facebook does not permit users to change their names from that displayed on their main Facebook profiles, nor change location.

Chats are also open to Facebook moderators should users report a ‘match’ for abusive behaviour.

The launch was delayed by a number of months as Facebook aligned the service with European data protection laws.

Written by BayRadio

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