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SNIFFED OUT: Cocaine-fuelled poker bar found behind ‘secret door’ of Alicante wine bar – video

BayRadio | October 22, 2020
Alicante casino winebar Spain

A special COVID-19 police squad inspected the wine bar in San Blas, Alicante, before finding a casino and cocaine behind a secret door.

Wine and cheese by day; cocaine and poker bets by night.

The gourmet wine bar in the San Blas district of Alicante was busted by Policia Nacional after finding an illegal casino behind a wooden shelf selling wine and crisps.

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Source: Policia Nacional.

A special COVID-19 squad (Grupo Operativo Respuesta de la Comisaría de Distrito Centro) inspected the bar after receiving tip-offs that up to 40 people were breaking health restrictions.

Police observed the establishment after midnight to find numerous people entering, despite Valenian Community laws that order bars to close at 1am and accept no more customers after 12am.

But not only was the owner breaching COVID-19 rules – he was running a clandestine casino, selling alcoholic drinks, cocaine and taking illegal poker bets

Policia Nacional agents arrested the man on drug-trafficking charges.

Agents took 12 bags of more than 9g collectively of cocaine, another 11g in a suitcase and 420€ in cash.

Policia Local have denounced the man for not having a proper gambling licence.

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