Javea registers first ‘outbreak’ of COVID-19

todayOctober 26, 2020

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Xabia was included in a list of municipalities with COVID-19 outbreaks for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

The Valencian Community’s department of health (Sanitat) included Javea/ Xabia in its list of COVID-19 outbreaks last Saturday.

Sanitat classes an ‘outbreak’ as a cluster of infections with a known source – in Javea’s case, the infections occurred in a workplace within the municipality.

The outbreak in Javea has only seen 3 people infected so far. The workplace in question is not known due to data protection laws.

It is worth remembering an ‘outbreak’ is classed as any cluster of related infections that happens outside of a home.

The minimum number of infections before an ‘outbreak’ is declared is just 3, according to guidelines from the Centro de Coordinación de Alertas y Emergencias Sanitarias (CCAES) headed by Fernando Simón.

At the date of writing (26th October), 80.6% of all outbreaks registered across Spain are clusters of fewer than 10 cases, according to Ministry of Health figures.

Marina Alta

Last Saturday, Sanitat also recorded two other outbreaks in the Marina Alta region, in Calp and Beniarbeig. A total of 13 people were diagnosed COVID-19 positive.

It is the first time Javea has been included on Sanitat’s daily list of regional outbreaks.

As of Saturday, the Marina Alta has recorded 35 outbreaks. According to local newspaper La Marina Plaza, here is a list in chronological order:

  1. August 7. 4 positives. Social. Denia
  2. August 11. 3 positives. Social. Denia
  3. August 14. 4 positives. Workplace. Denia
  4. August 17. 4 positives. Nightlife. Denia
  5. August 18. 4 positives. Social. Denia
  6. August 19. 3 positives. Social. Denia
  7. August 26. 7 positives. Workplace. Denia
  8. August 27. 4 positives. Social. Denia
  9. August 28. 4 positives. Social. Denia
  10. August 29. 3 positives. Workplace. Dénia
  11. September 2. 7 positives. Workplace. Denia
  12. September 2. 4 positives. Social. Denia
  13. September 2. 7 positives. Workplace. Denia
  14. September 3. 19 positives. Vacation. Calp
  15. September 4. 6 positives. Workplace. Denia
  16. September 4. 6 positives. Social. Denia
  17. September 4. 4 positives. Workplace. Ondara
  18. September 4. 5 positives. Workplace. Ondara.
  19. September 8. 8 positives. Workplace. Denia
  20. September 8. 4 positives. Social. Denia
  21. September 9. 5 positives. Social. Denia
  22. September 9. 3 positives. Social. Ondara
  23. September 16. 7 positives. Extra-community. Denia.
  24. September 21. 3 positives. Workplace. Ondara
  25. September 24. 4 positives. Social origin. Gata de Gorgos
  26. September 26. 4 positives. Social origin. Teulada Moraira
  27. September 28. 3 positives. Social origin. Benitatxell
  28. September 29. 4 positives. Workplace. Denia
  29. October 3. 3 positives. Educational origin. Denia
  30. October 16. 4 positives. Workplace. Xaló
  31. October 22. 4 positives. Social. Alcalali
  32. October 22. 4 positives. Workplace. Denia
  33. October 24. 5 positives. Social. Beniarbeig
  34. October 24. 3 positives. Workplace. Xàbia
  35. October 24. 5 positives. Educational origin. Calp

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