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France and Germany announce second national lockdowns

BayRadio | October 28, 2020

France and Germany have announced second nationals lockdown this evening.

French President Emmanuel Macron will lockdown 67 million French citizens from this Friday, 30th October, he announced on national TV.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier this evening announced a four-week lockdown for 83 million Germans from Saturday, 31st October.

The French lockdown is expected to last until 1st December. Until then all citizens must stay at home except for an our a day’s exercise, to seek medical attention or buy essential goods.

Restaurants and bars will close, and will non-essential shops.

A travel ban between French regions will become effective as will the closure of some external borders.

It comes as France recorded 36,437 new infections today, while Tuesday saw the country’s highest daily death count (523) since April.

More than half the nation’s ICU beds are filled with COVID-19 patients, Sky news reports.

The German lockdown will see bars and pubs closing, as well as restaurants – except for takeaway.

Shops may stay open but only for ‘essential reasons’, and with a maximum of one person per 10 sq m.

It comes as ICU beds occupied by COVID-1 patients has ‘doubled’ in the last 10 days.

A massive 75% of new cases are unable to be traced as new diagnoses come in.

Merkel told the German nation the country’s health system will reach ‘its limits’ within weeks.

More to follow..

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