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Pfizer vaccine in Spain by ‘April 2021’ and FREE – but 43% of population won’t take it

BayRadio | November 10, 2020
Vaccine pfizer spain illa

Spain’s central government has announced that 20 million doses of breakthrough-vaccine Pfizer will be in Spain by ‘April to May’ 2021.

American-based Pfizer yesterday announced their new COVID-19 vaccine prevents the respiratory disease in 90% of patients.

It was news that sent the stock market soaring – see how EasyJet stocks rose 27% in our write-up here.

This morning, Spain’s health minister told state television station TVE he was signing contracts with Pfizer ‘this week’ for 20 million doses.

The purchases will vaccinate at least 10 million of Spain’s most at-risk groups by ‘April to May 2021’ – Illa said in a 6-minute interview you can watch here (in Spanish).

The vaccine is fickle – it must be stored at below 80 degrees Celsius – but will be free on Spain’s national healthcare system.

Spain says NO

According to Spain’s Centre for Sociological Investigations (CIS), 43.8% of Spain’s population will not take a vaccine.

A CIS survey that saw results last month also indicated just 40.2% of Spain would take a vaccine, with the remaining 16% not sure.

The survey also found that 55% of participants had ‘little to no confidence’ in the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Talking to TVE this morning, Illa said his health department would be ‘clear and convincing’ against people telling ‘lies’ about vaccines.

“We will do it by just telling the truth: that vaccines save lives,” Illa said.

He admitted the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries had been racing to find a vaccine, but always respecting ‘health and safety’ criteria.

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