87% of first-wave patients still have long COVID symptoms, Spanish study of 2,120 people finds

todayNovember 16, 2020 1

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The majority of long COVID patients were found to be women with a median age of 43.

A survey in Spain of 2,120 people declared cured of COVID-19 show that while the virus can be beaten, its aftereffects take a toll.

A massive 87% of cured patients were still suffering symptoms six months later, according to the study from the Sociedad Española de Médicos Generales y de Familia (SEMG).

Researchers followed the patients from 13th July to the 14th October, finding that 1,843 suffered an average of 36 symptoms per person.

The profile long COVID sufferers was found to be a majority of women in their mid-40s.

The average time of prolonged symptoms was 185.75 days after being declared ‘cured’ – many participants still continue with symptoms.

A total of 200 after-effects were found, with 87 being most-frequent and including:

  • Fatigue (95,91%)
  • General discomfort (95,47%)
  • Headaches/ head pain (86,53%)
  • Sluggishness (86,21%)
  • Muscle pain (82,77%)
  • Breathlessness (79,28%)
  • Joint pain (79%)
  • Poor concentration (78,24%)
  • Back pain (77,7%)
  • Chest pressure (76,83%)
  • Anxiety (75,46%)
  • Mild fever (75%)
  • Cough (73,2%)
  • Memory loss (72,63%)
  • Neck pain (71,32%)
  • Diarrhoea (70,83 %)
  • Throat pain (70,12%)
  • Palpitations (69,85%)
  • Nausea (69,36%)
  • Pins and needles in extremities (67,28%).

A total of 75% of participants also found it difficult to spend time with friends, with 73% were unable to work outside of their homes.

Read more in an SEMG infographic here.

Written by: BayRadio News

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