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Thousands of volunteers sought for Spain’s first vaccine trials

BayRadio | November 19, 2020

Spain’s Ministerio de Salud is looking for thousands of volunteers to take part in the country’s first late-stage vaccine trials.

Spain’s drug approval agency (AEMPS) has authorised a Phase 3 clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

This is the first late-stage trial to go ahead in Spain.

The ministry said two doses of the real vaccine and placebos will be administered to 30,000 volunteers recruited in nine countries: Spain, Belgium, Colombia, France, Germany, the Philippines, South Africa, UK and the US.

A total of 3,000 volunteers will be sought in Spain, according to statements yesterday from Spain’s minister of health, Salvador Illa.

Eight Spanish hospitals ‚Äď in Madrid, Barcelona and Pamplona ‚Äď will participate and start searching for volunteers ‘as soon as possible’.

The Janssen vaccine is based on a common cold virus, which has been modified with genetic information from the coronavirus in a bid to get the body to create specific defences without posing any health risk.

Only volunteers without pre-existing medical conditions associated with a risk of developing serious COVID-19 symptoms will be admitted in the initial stage of testing.

Written by BayRadio