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‘Substantial’ amount of Spanish nation to be vaccinated by ‘early 2021’ – PM Pedro Sanchez

BayRadio | November 23, 2020
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Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez addressed the nation yesterday on TV to announce COVID-19 vaccination plans.

Pedro Sanchez believes a ‘substantial’ number of Spanish citizens will be vaccinated against COVID-19 by early 2021.

Government plans to provide the vaccine at 13,000 health centres across the nation are to be approved tomorrow, Tuesday, the prime minister said.

Sanchez said the country is ‘prepared’ to hit the objective of inoculating ‘priority groups’ first.

“In only eight weeks this year we vaccinated 14 million against winter flu,” Sanchez said in a televised video (see below).

“We are prepared to hit this objective.”

“We will only have one vaccination strategy for the entire nation.

“The plan has been created by multidisciplinary experts, including from autonomous communities and the Consejo Interterritorial Sistema Nacional de Salud de España [emergency group uniting Spain’s 17 autonomous presidents to control the COVID-19 pandemic].”

He added the 13,000 health centres providing the vaccine will be distributed geographically to allow ease of access for all Spaniards.

Written by BayRadio

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