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LO SIENTO: Football team apologises after beating opponent 30-0 in Valencia

BayRadio | November 25, 2020

A Spanish youth football team, has apologised to their opponents after they beat them 30-0 on Sunday in a regional game in Valencia.

FC Silos’ A team took on Jucar’s C team in a game played by boys aged 14-15 which resulted in the high scoreline.

Silos said they wanted to end the game at half-time as they were already 14-0 up but Jucar’s coach wanted his side to continue playing.

President of FC Silos, José Antonio Rodríguez, told radio station Cadena Cope that his team acted with ‘respect’.

“They did not celebrate one goal, they didn’t even hug or anything,” he said.

“It’s a complicated situation. If you touch the ball and deliberately don’t attack, people would think that’s a bigger show of disrespect.”

It comes after the coach of the youth 14-15 A team has come under intense criticism and verbal attacks on social media.

The team did not publish the good results out of respect for the School Football Jucar.

The ‘A’ coach, Cristian, since has made a viral social media post following attacks against him:

“As coach of Cadet A of Los Silos CF, I owe an explanation of the game played today that ended with: Jucar “C” 0- Los silos Cf A 30.

“The first thing is to apologise to both children and parents who have felt humiliation by the result.

“The second is to ‘justify’ the game that we have made.

“Going out to the field as if we were playing against any other rival in the group, going to the game an hour early (the rival arrived 15 minutes early), going out to warm up as every week (the rival limited themselves to run one round before going to the match) and then we limited ourselves to scoring goals without disrespecting the rival at any time, without celebrating any of the goals, without giving orders to the kids, without encouraging or correcting.

“I find it more humiliating for an opponent to have the ball without attacking, from one side to the other, or whatever else comes to mind.

“I think the problem we are having in Valencia with competitions goes beyond this massive result.

“There are clubs that cannot register 16,171 teams because there are children who may not be there to compete in different categories, but they only look for the money that it can generate, and that is where the problem today lies, in treating children as merchandise.

“If I must apologise to Júcar, the coach, the players and parents, I will.

“But I think it should help them to look more there is where the problem is and to be able to remedy it so that it does not happen more times.

“As a coach, and a player since the age of 5, (23 years practicing this sport) these games do not amuse anyone, I prefer tight and fun results where you learn to really compete.

“They are treating me like a madman, a bad coach, without shame and a thousand more adjectives without even knowing me …

“As we finished the game, we approached the rival coach and players to encourage them and tell them to keep working, (the coach did not want to finish the game 15 minutes earlier, saying: they hold on like warriors). I applaud that decision not to leave the field and keep fighting!

“For us who are there, it is not an easy situation either, that they receive 30 goals or 20 …

“If I have to stop being a coach because the club or Federation considers that what I have done is not right, I am in their hands and they will make the decision they deem appropriate.

“I will continue to love this sport, whether my team wins 1-0 or we lose 0-30 … What I will demand of my children is RESPECT. Cristian.”

Written by BayRadio

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