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Valencian Community falls from ‘extreme’ COVID-19 risk down to alert level 3

BayRadio | December 1, 2020

Six autonomous communities remain on ‘extreme’ level 4 risk. Nine are on ‘high’ level 3 risk, one on ‘low’ level 1 risk.

The Valencian Community has fallen from ‘extreme’ to ‘high’ risk after seeing coronavirus cases fall over the last week.

The region’s accumulated incidence has fallen to 234 cases per 100,000 over the last 14 days (250+ cases per 100,000 would be ‘extreme’ risk).

This is below the worst region of Castilla y Leon (431 cases per 100,000) and below the Spanish average (275 cases per 100,000).

It also below the following countries:

  • Poland (774 cases per 100,000 inhabitants)
  • Portugal (754 cases per 100,000 inhabitants)
  • Italy (673 cases per 100,000 inhabitants)
  • Netherlands (441 cases per 100,000 inhabitants)
  • UK (372 cases per 100,000 inhabitants)
  • France (353 cases per 100,000 inhabitants)
  • Germany (304 cases per 100,000 inhabitants)

As BayRadio reported, the Valencian Community had the lowest accumulated incidence on mainland Spain for over 42 days.

This streak has now ended – yesterday’s COVID-19 update put the Valencian Community above the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands and now Extremadura, Galicia and Madrid.

Cases in the Valencian Community have begun to fall, after reaching a peak of nearly 1,600 per day at the beginning of November. This coincides with the introduction of sweeping restrictions on 6th November. Source.


The Valencian Community might have succeeded in reducing cases – but it remains on ‘extreme’ risk for two additional data points.

The region has the highest ‘positivity’ rate in all of Spain, meaning that a high proportion of COVID-19 tests return positive.

In concrete, 15% of all COVID-19 tests return positive in the Valencian region, compared with just 4.7% in the Canary Islands.

Intensive care unit (UCI) admissions are also relatively high the the region.

29% of UCI beds set aside for COVID-19 patients are occupied in the Valencian Community – compared to a national average of 27% and just 10% in the Canary Islands.

Easing of restrictions?

The Valencian Community implemented restrictions across the entire territory – including a border closure and reduction of business floor capacity – on 6th November.

These measures are in place until 9th December, which is the date when Valencians will know what restrictions will govern Christmas.

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BayRadio have also made an interactive map showing COVID-19 statistics in each municipality in the Valencian Community.

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