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CBD Oil UK: Our top 5 brands reviewed

BayRadio | December 3, 2020

CBD oil in the UK is becoming a fast growing trend. In just a few years, sales have outgrown the Vitamin C and D industry combined as people look to replace the prescribed medication with a natural alternative. 

There is a lot of evidence out there reporting that CBD oil helps you to overcome chronic pains and act as an anti-inflammatory. It also claims to help with mental health issues including anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation.

There is a lot of confusion about CBD oil. Is it legal in the UK? Can you take it with other medication? Does it make you high?

As new brands emerge, not all of them are good for you. According to a study on the CBD oil market, there are:

“Huge areas of weakness in the industry in producing high quality products that the consumer can trust.”

So, when buying CBD oil for the first time, here are the key things to think about: quality, ingredients and source

An organically cultivated CBD product is really important when it comes to CBD oil and here’s why:

The hemp plant has uniquely absorptive properties. In fact, after the Chernobyl disaster, farmers planted hemp plants to remove radioactive soil from the earth. So, knowing this, can you imagine what toxins you are putting in your body if they use chemicals and pesticides to cultivate their crop?

BayRadio has chosen their top 5 brands based on their quality, ingredients and source, to offer a guide for you to find which products really are for you. 

Here are our top CBD brands we have selected:

Pure Organic CBD

This Swiss-made brand is difficult to beat. The crops are grown in the Alps on a family farm with over 15 years experience in hemp plant cultivation. Each plant is hand picked, free from pesticides and free from GMOs. 

The ethos of Pure Organic CBD is to sell every bottle with the hope of changing someone’s life for the better. 

They encourage people to buy its bottles not just as a medication to alleviate chronic pains but as a holistic, healthy addition to your daily routine. As organic CBD oil in the UK is an emerging market, Pure Organic CBD wants to let the science speak for their product.

The crop is batch tested by an independent laboratory to monitor its pureness and strength. They also carry out in house testing to monitor the cultivation and find new ways to innovate.  

Pure Organic CBD sells different potencies of CBD oil, ranging from 5-40% in strength. They also offer full spectrum and broad spectrum, which is entirely free of THC.

As a premium service, they offer customers an opportunity to have a consultation with a doctor, to offer medical advice and reassess prescriptions. Their doctor is trained in both Western and Eastern, medicine providing a range of therapies but with the core aim of finding ways to heal your body naturally.

The CBD oil UK market is becoming hugely competitive, but this company is so confident about their product, they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee to anyone that doesn’t like their CBD oil.

You can find their entire range of products by visiting their CBD Oil page. Or visit their website at

Verma Farms 

Verma Farms has one of the sharpest designs in the industry. They offer a variety of products such including gummy chewables, creams and oils and all of the oils also come with unique flavours to try. The brand is fun and dynamic whilst at the same time, keeping a core message of transparency and organic cultivation as central to their work. 

Unlike some of the other brands, Verma Farms products are THC-free meaning the psychoactive element has been completely removed. 

Alongside the business, Verma Farms works with a dog shelter for veterans. A percentage of every product they sell gets donated to this organisation. 

Charlotte’s Web

Their name was chosen after a girl, Charlotte Figi, whose epileptic seizures were cured by CBD. Charlotte’s web focuses their message on intent rather than style or flavour. 

As one of the first on the CBD oil scene, they have made a commitment to rigorous analysis and batch testing. As the company builds up a wealth of knowledge about the industry, they have contributed to some of the cutting edge research about the hemp plant that is around today. 

Their pricing is comparatively cheap, with some products on offer for as little as $15 although in some cases this is offset by hefty shipping costs – so watch out for that!

However, they do offer a detailed guide on which strength to take depending on your ailments and how best to take CBD Oil. 

Papa and Barkley

Papa and Barkley were one of the first brands to establish itself in 2014. They now manage hundreds of employees and have built up a vast network of clients. Their ethos is to offer safety and reliance with its product within a relatively unregulated market in the US. 

Their oils have overwhelmingly good reviews showing on TrustPilot as averaging at 4.7 star rating with 1000s of reviews. Their style is understated, elegant and simple with thorough labelling on each bottle, listing the ingredients, how to take the CBD oil and how much is recommended each day.


CBD MD offers a diverse range of oils, gummies, topicals, and animal products. Their products are made with broad spectrum CBD, meaning that all of the terpenes, fatty acids, and cannabinoids are removed from the product before selling. 

The company also has a strong philanthropic ethos to its brand. They run a veterans and disability program with the aim of providing CBD oil to some disadvantaged at a reduced rate.

This company is targeted at a slightly younger audience, offering tinctures used for vaping and separate tinctures designed to be taken orally.

There are more CBD oil products coming to the UK market everyday. Whichever brand you think works for you make sure you check the small print and know where the product is sourced from. Find the strength that is most suitable for you and make it part of your natural routine. 

Written by BayRadio

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