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Health Minister Salvador Illa estimates that vaccines will reach Spain by January 10th

BayRadio | December 10, 2020

The Minister of Health has said in the Congress of Deputies that if all goes well vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency could be available in less than a month

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, appears in the Congress of Deputies to explain the established vaccination plan for when the coronavirus vaccine is available.

After a very complex year, the minister said: “We are beginning to glimpse a hopeful horizon. Bending the curve a second time and we see the arrival of new vaccines. But I want to be honest, this is a very critical time for the pandemic. We come from a ‘puente’ and we must continue to maintain caution”.

Illa explained that the vaccine administered in Spain will be “safe” and that only the one that has the endorsement and authorization of the European Medicines Agency that is accelerating the processes so that it can be as soon as possible but with all the guarantees: “If everything goes as expected, the first authorized vaccines will reach our country in less than a month”.

The Minister of Health wanted to send a message of reassurance to the citizens: “The citizenry must be calm. The vaccines will have the safety levels of the other usual vaccines. This process has been rapid but it has not eliminated security controls, an extraordinary control”.

Vaccines will be available to the public only when they are known to be effective, safe and of quality.

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