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What is a TMA, the test that now allows entry into Spain

BayRadio | December 10, 2020

The Government of Spain allows from this Thursday entry into the country with a negative TMA, a Transcription-Mediated Amplification similar to a PCR. The new coronavirus test is cheaper and has a faster process, around two hours.

Since last November 23rd, the Executive declared as mandatory the negative result of a coronavirus test, a PCR, to be able to enter the country. In the list of countries considered at risk, it included a total of 65.

Later came the complaints of many about the price of the PCR. They also protested the difficulty of getting an appointment up to 72 hours before the flight, another of the rules specified in the law for travelers who want to enter Spain.

For all these reasons, the Government allows from this Thursday the entry of foreigners or residents with negative results on both PCR coronavirus and TMA.

Both have a very similar use of coronavirus detection. The samples are taken with a ‘long swab’ that is inserted into the nose to look for the genetic material of the patient and then if there are traces of coronavirus, amplify and measure them.

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