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According to the UK, who shouldn’t get the Pfizer vaccine?

BayRadio | December 11, 2020

The British regulator’s alert to allergic people comes 24 hours after the UK became the first country in the world to introduce the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

Recommendation from the UK authorities supervising the mass vaccination campaign with the Pfizer vaccine. 24 hours after the coronavirus health operation starts, a warning comes in for allergic reactions.

The details have been forwarded to all vaccination centres. The recipients are people with ‘significant allergies’.

Just one day after the UK scored the goal of being the first country in the world to start vaccination with the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, the regulators have launched an alert to people with major allergies.

The British government chose to use the emergency procedure, which the European Union rejected, to shorten the deadlines.

Who shouldn’t be vaccinated

The British regulators focus on people with major allergies.

  • People with ‘significant allergies’
  • People with a history of significant allergic reactions
  • Patients with significant allergies to either medicines or foods

No further details at this time. They assure that they are monitoring in real time all of those vaccinated to be able to communicate any adverse effects immediately.

What will happen now with those who suffer allergies?

The two sanitarians who have had side effects are people with a history of significant allergic reactions. They were always carrying adrenaline and have suffered anaphylactic shock from which they are recovering.

This recommendation may not be final. There is a chance that the coronavirus vaccine could be given to these people after being treated with this side effect in mind. In fact, according to ‘The Guardian’ from now on everyone who will receive the Pfizer vaccine will be informed of its ingredients.

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