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Baby beats Covid in 70-day ICU stay

BayRadio | January 8, 2021

LITTLE baby Petru was discharged from intensive care after beating Covid-19 after 70 days in a Valencia hospital.

Admitted to the unit at the Vithas Hospital on October 9, the baby was released yesterday (Thursday) ‘completely recovered’ from coronavirus.
Born just nine days before being taken seriously ill to the paediatric intensive care unit, doctors said it was ‘exceptionally’ rare for a baby to be so affected by the disease.

Born perfectly healthy at the same hospital, it is understood the baby was infected by an elder brother, an asymptomatic carrier of Covid-19.

Parents Cristina and Jose took the new-born to the emergency unit suffering
breathing problems and unable to feed, and the baby was immediately admitted to intensive care where the disease was confirmed.

And until the baby tested negative, his ‘distressed’ parents could only see him via videoconference technology.

Leaving hospital, staff lined corridors to applaud Petru, and mum Cristina thanked workers for their support and care of her child.

Written by BayRadio

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