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Tougher restrictions if Covid-19 continues to spread

BayRadio | January 18, 2021

VALENCIA president Ximo Puig will introduce tougher restrictions ‘if necessary’ to control the third wave of coronavirus in the region.

He said hospitals under stress with seven of 10 beds already occupied and new ‘field hospitals’ opening to relieve pressure but warned it was to be ‘a difficult month’ and ‘very hard days’ were ahead.

The president said Valencia residents were already under ‘semi-confinement’ after emergency health measures were introduced before the Christmas holidays and tightened on January 7.

And he said: “Although hard days are coming, very hard, health care will be
guaranteed for people in Valencia; both for Covid patients and those who cannot wait for treatment.”

He said there would not be a trade-off between health and the economy and
accepted all measures came with a cost, causing damage and risking physical and mental health.

The politician said it was expected 70% of the population would be vaccinated by the summer and thanked people for their ‘enormous efforts’ and responsibility in the pandemic.

“This situation is not easy for anyone,” said Mr Puig. “The human losses, the
uncertainty, the emotional cost…it is all taking a very long time for all of us because we are only human.

“It is the only way we have. We overcame the first wave, we overcame the second, and we will also overcome the third wave.”

Written by BayRadio

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