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Fernando Simón says that Spain “could already be reaching the peak” of contagion in the third coronavirus wave

BayRadio | January 19, 2021

Spain could be “reaching the peak” of contagion in this third wave of coronavirus that hits our country, according to Fernando Simón.

The third wave of coronavirus in Spain could be approaching “its peak” after this Monday, when we reached the highest figure recorded in the weekend with 84,287 infected, while the rate of vaccination continues to grow and is already at 78,5 % of the doses delivered.

With the amount of contagions and the third wave of the pandemic in full expansion, the communities increase restrictions and press for the possibility of bringing forward the curfew to eight o’clock in the afternoon as Castilla y León has done, while the Supreme Court is currently considering the Government’s appeal against this decision.

Fernando Simón said this Monday that our country could “be reaching the peak” of coronavirus contagion in this third waveand could even be starting the “descent phase” although he warned that this data had to be studied “very carefully because the data, with the little delay they have, can change the perspective a lot”.

Simon has also stated that “ICUs will continue to have small increases, but they will not go down at the same time as the cases. We know that we will have deceased during the next weeks”.

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