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Debate over medical standard masks

BayRadio | January 29, 2021

HEALTH experts believe wearing medical grade facemasks should be made
mandatory in Spain to give wearers greater protection from Covid-19 – especially with the rising cases of more contagious mutations.

They say homemade face coverings or the popular fabric masks sold in many outlets do not give enough protection against coronavirus – and want the use of surgical or the even higher standard FFP2 or equivalent coverings – which are considered PPE – to be compulsory.

France and Germany have already acted to tighten restrictions and the argument is being raised in Spain almost a year after its first lockdown.
However, there are already fears about the cost to the population and even over the supply of extra PPE if there is a surge in demand.

One expert on infectious diseases Jose Jimenez believes hygienic masks made of cloth and paper, and especially homemade coverings, “should not be allowed” as effectiveness depended on the quality of the material they were made from.

But he said: “In an ideal world, the right thing would be for everyone to wear PPE masks because they are the most effective when it comes to us getting infected and being able to infect others.

“However, they are face masks that not everyone is able to have, they are not always available, and they can only be used for a very limited time.

That’s why, although they are not perfect, I think the accepted minimum should be surgical masks that are more accessible and easier to use.”

Written by BayRadio

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