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Madrid may vaccinate waiters as a priority

BayRadio | February 2, 2021

VACCINATING frontline workers such as waiters, taxi drivers, supermarket checkout staff and teachers would make sense, according to Madrid regional leader Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

She said she will consider making people working directly with the public a priority to get a covid-19 jab.

She wrote on social media: “We have analysed the possibility of speeding up vaccination in highly exposed sectors such as teachers, taxi drivers, supermarket cashiers, waiters…but the first priority is to obtain vaccines for the most vulnerable people.”

The first people to get coronavirus shots were residents and workers at care homes, followed by frontline health workers, other healthcare personnel, and vulnerable people.

However, the Madrid government wants to draw up a batting order for mass vaccination once the jabs become available and it has a stock.

The regional leader has also told the hospitality industry the area will also return to a midnight curfew as soon as the coronavirus statistics allow.

Currently and until at least February 8, the curfew begins at 22.00 but all food and drink outlets must close at 21.00.

Written by BayRadio

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