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Can I choose which vaccine I receive? Sanidad explains the criteria

BayRadio | March 5, 2021
The Ministry of Health explains why the type of coronavirus vaccine cannot be chosen, as well as the criteria used to determine which population group is next in line to receive the dose.

The process of vaccination against coronavirus in Spain generates various doubts among the population, some of them revolve around the different doses that exist today. Therefore, the Government, with information from the Ministry of Health, clarifies many of them.

Regarding the various covid-19 vaccines being administered in Spain (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca…), the Ministry of Health explains the criteria to be followed during this vaccination process, in addition to reporting daily the number of people receiving the dose in the country.

Can I choose which vaccine I get?

You can’t. Each vaccine has slight variations in efficacy and indications and it is up to the experts to determine which doses are given to each person according to their group. The Government explains.

“The choice of vaccine to be applied cannot be an individual choice, it must be based on the efficacy and indication of vaccines for different population groups”.

An example of this leads us to the AstraZeneca vaccine and its first indication to apply only to people under 56. This characteristic led Sanidad to initiate a vaccination process parallel with these doses on people under this age, but who were part of some groups such as health personnel or prison workers.

The objective is to speed up the vaccination process

The Government’s goal is to accelerate vaccination so as to create herd immunity as soon as possible. Now the main problem to speed up the process is to increase the mass production of the doses so that more of them can reach the different countries.

As Health Minister Carolina Darias assured, and Pedro Sánchez confirmed, the goal is that 70% of the Spanish population will be immunized against coronavirus by the end of the summer.

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