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Young French people fill the terraces of Madrid

BayRadio | March 8, 2021
Madrid French
The terraces of the leisure areas in the center of Madrid were busy during this weekend, an image to which the pandemic had us unaccustomed and a good part of the clientele were young French who due to the restrictions in their country find in Madrid the perfect place for the party.

The image of a Saturday night with the terraces full does not seem typical of this 2021 in which the coronavirus pandemic makes us be aware of all the restrictions that week after week communities are adopting, However, Madrid has become a holiday paradise for many young French people whose curfew at 18:00 makes it impossible for them to enjoy a festive evening during weekends in France.

The leisure areas of the centre of Madrid have shown an image during the weekend that with the Easter holidays around the corner and the requests for prudence before the de-fret makes experts fear. Young French people see in Madrid the perfect destination to enjoy the holiday that the COVID-19 pandemic prevents them from having in their country.

France has imposed a curfew at 18:00 hours compared to 23:00 hours in Madrid, since December in the neighboring country they decreed the closure of the hospitality sector and meeting centers due to the refusal of the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso to impose a “lock down” of the hospitality industry, these conditions coupled with the fact that the Community of Madrid is not closed on a perimeter basis and the flights between France and Spain continue to operate make the capital of Spain the perfect destination for young Gauls who want to have a weekend party, while Madrid continues to be in high risk.


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