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Hospitality hits out over opening rules

BayRadio | March 11, 2021

THE hospitality industry across Valencia has warned of a ‘fiasco’ if cafes, bars and restaurants are again prevented from opening the inside of premises.

The regional government is about to review coronavirus health restrictions but insiders maintain interiors must remain shut for at least another 15 days.

The hard-hit sector hit back warning of a ‘debacle’ as traditional holidays and celebrations approach – and accusing the authority of a ‘lack of empathy’ with their plight.

It is estimated more than 18,500 businesses across the region have yet been unable to open because it is uneconomical to do so or they simply do not have an outside area.

And they argue more jobs and livelihoods are at risk unless rules are relaxed; especially after the sector ‘sacrificed’ Christmas.

Describing the hospitality industry as ‘scapegoats’, they said allowing businesses was ‘not a whim but a necessity’.

A press conference is scheduled at 14:30 to announce restrictions in the Valencian Community.

Written by BayRadio

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