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Caution continues in Covid controls

BayRadio | March 12, 2021
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NEW measures for the Valencia region will allow a controlled and cautious recovery from the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

President of the autonomous region Ximo Puig tweaked existing restrictions to come into force on Monday March 15 and continue until April 12.

Under pressure from the hospitality sector, he allowed cars, cafes and restaurants to use all their terrace space and open a third of the interior – so long as there is ventilation.

However, closing time remains at 18.00 and no more than four people may meet at a table. Face masks must be worn when not consuming food or drink.

The politician said a relaxation of measures would allow a small increase in social activity but his government would not rush de-escalation of its health rules.

He said: “We will not go further than what the experts and experience advise; taking the most cautious measures of all Spain.

“This is how we guarantee more health safety and a faster and more solvent
recovery for the coming months.”

Gyms, sports centres and similar activities may open to a third of capacity but health protocols must continue. Educational centres and children’s play areas may also open to a third of capacity, groups will be limited to 10.

Gatherings in private homes remain limited to households who usually cohabit. The night curfew continues from 22.00 until 06.00 the following morning and the general closure of the Valencia borders remains in force.

Any significant changes in the evolution of Covid-19 could make the regional authorities review the situation. At present the rules starting on Monday are in place over the long weekend of Father’s Day beginning next Friday and Easter and Holy Week.

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