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Fears of fourth wave across Spain

BayRadio | March 17, 2021
Covid España

EXPERTS fear a fourth wave of Covid-19 across Spain despite coronavirus deaths falling to the lowest level since October and infection rates at their lowest since last summer.

The scientists believe health restrictions must remain in place to combat the risk of another spike in the disease – and say the vaccination programme is also vital.

Italy and France are already seeing increases in Covid, Germany has seen an uptick and only in the UK and Spain continue to report falls.

However, the downward curve in Spain is flattening and experts believe current restrictions are not enough to push it further below the 120 per 100,000 mark, opening the way to a fourth wave of infection.

Scientists say in regions such as Valencia, where the rate is below 50 per 100,000, are less at risk than places like Madrid where the same measurement is above 200.

They say the problem remains the availability of vaccines and unless the country applies lessons learned over the last year, ‘a fourth wave is inevitable’.

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