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The Traffic Injury Unit at HLA San Carlos offers comprehensive assistance to people who have suffered a traffic accident injury

BayRadio | April 1, 2021
Hla San Carlos Ii

Despite the perimeter closures due to the pandemic, Easter significantly increases traffic and vehicle movements, so it is necessary to have extreme caution on the roads to avoid accidents.

Health specialists say that immediate medical assistance is essential for recovery in the event of an incident. Injuries from traffic accidents have become the problem of road safety. After a collision, the most frequent injuries are those of the spine, especially whiplash, due to the sudden forward and backward movement that occurs in the head when there is a sudden impact.

Sometimes, the traumas do not present external injuries so they are not given special attention. However, the professionals at the HLA San Carlos Traffic Injury Unit advise that these bruises must be taken care of, diagnosed and treated immediately, as they can often manifest over time.

In this case, the HLA San Carlos Hospital in Denia offers comprehensive assistance to people who have suffered a traffic accident. From care in the emergency area, specialized consultations, to diagnostic tests, rehabilitation exercises, etc.

Health care from a traffic accident is guaranteed and free, by virtue of the National Agreement signed between the Spanish Union of Insurance Entities (UNESPA), the Insurance Compensation Consortium and the National Federation of Private Hospitalization. For this reason, from HLA San Carlos they take care of health care and administrative procedures with the insurance company free of charge to the affected person.

Finally, the HLA San Carlos hospital provides the following health care to those injured by traffic accidents: 24-hour emergencies, diagnostic tests, consultations with specialists, rehabilitation  treatment, hospitalization and operating room.

The HLA Hospital Group is one of the largest hospital providers in Spain. It is made up of 16 hospitals and 36 multi-specialty medical centers with state-of-the-art treatment reference units, which work in an integrated manner to provide access to high-level healthcare.

With 1,300 hospitalization places and 40 years of experience, HLA is a benchmark in hospital and outpatient care. Its professionals guarantee a model of care that is based on excellence, innovation, responsibility and a humane and close treatment of the patient.

In 2020, the HLA Hospital Group was the first healthcare company to certify its protocols against COVID-19 throughout its healthcare network. This certificate is another step in HLA’s strategy for excellence and quality of care.

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