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Covid-19: Easter break puts infection data under the microscope

BayRadio | April 6, 2021
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Valencia says region is at vaccination ‘turning point’

THE Valencia health minister Ana Barceló promised the regional government will analyse Covid-19 figures this week to see if the Easter holiday triggered a surge in infections.

She said it was “still to early” to say whether existing restrictions can be further relaxed on April 12 – the date the last extension of current measures ends.

The minister said experts will study the evolution of the disease over the holiday when visitors flocked to the coast.

Admitting there was an element of “tension” as data was examined, she said in general the public had been responsible – respecting social distancing and wearing masks.

Barceló said the figures would determine whether it was possible to relax restrictions, particularly for the hospitality industry as cafes, bars and restaurants were currently forced to close at 18.00 each evening.

And she said the battle against the pandemic in Valencia was at a “turning point” in its vaccination programme this week after 120,000 Pfizer jabs were delivered.

It is expected almost a quarter of a million Pfizer BioNtec, AstraZeneca and Moderna shots will be administered. “It is an undoubted leap”.

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