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Covid: advice on how to secure a jab

BayRadio | April 9, 2021
Vaccination Centre

EXPATS living in Spain and worried about receiving a Covid-19 vaccination have been an official guide by the British Embassy.

Some UK nationals are concerned if they qualify for a jab – despite the Spanish government pledging a shot for everyone in the country as a matter of public health policy.

As a result, the embassy has taken to Facebook and the ‘Brits in Spain’ page to explain and explain how to get a jab across the regions.

“We know that some of you are concerned about how you will be able to get the Covid-19 vaccine in Spain – particularly those of you who don’t receive state healthcare,” reads the message.

“The Spanish government has been very clear that it will provide the vaccine to everyone in Spain as a matter of public health, regardless of nationality or how you access healthcare in Spain.”

The embassy explained how healthcare across the country is devolved to the 17 regional governments, who are in charge of the vaccination programme. However, the rollout in the different areas in operating at different speeds and under different rules. It means “the way people access the vaccine will differ depending where you live”.

And it said people who are registered for state healthcare should expect to be contacted automatically by the regional health service to make an appointment for a shot, when their turn comes in the list of priority groups.

For those not registered under Spain’s national health service, there is a list of regional websites offering local information and the option to register for the vaccine.

In addition, the Spanish authorities have asked private health insurance companiesto liaise with regional health authorities in order to arrange shots for their clients.

• Andalucíá: You can register for the vaccine here. More information is available here.

• Andorra: For information click here.

• Balearic Islands: To register for the vaccine, please call 971 211 999. For more information click here.

• Cataluña: If you are already registered on the padrón, you can apply online here

• Murcía: You can register online for the vaccine here or call 900121212

• Valencia Region (Comunidad Valenciana): You will need to go to your local health centre to register. You will be given a provisional health card to cover the vaccination and any other public health needs.

The embassy also advised UK nationals with private health insurance but living outside these areas to contact their local health centre or insurance company for more information.

The information has been gleaned from the Spanish authorities and is subject to change. Details of the Spanish government strategy is available here.

Written by BayRadio

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