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Covid restrictions expected to relax again

BayRadio | May 20, 2021

Valencia proposing closing time changes

THE government of Valencia is considering a further relaxation of health restrictions next week – delaying the start of the nightly curfew and extending hospitality hours.

Current measures are scheduled to expire at midnight on Sunday; they include a midnight shutdown and bars and restaurants closing at 11.30pm.

However, as the region continues to report the best Covid-19 statistics, president Ximo Puig and his colleagues propose curfew should not start until 01.00 and run until 06.00; and hospitality would be open until half an hour earlier, 00.30.

However, since the central government’s state of emergency ended, regional governments remain in charge of ongoing rules. Valencia will seek the backing of the Supreme Court to ensure its new proposals are legal – and it is not expected to formerly announce a new package of measures until Friday.

The current rate of infection in Valencia is said to be 29.58 cases per 100,000 people; around 11 points down over the same time a fortnight ago.

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