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Covid: vaccine rollout reaches ‘cruising speed’ says Spanish PM, Pedro Sánchez predicts facemasks soon to go

BayRadio | June 17, 2021
Blue Surgical Protective Masks

A CONFIDENT Spanish prime minister said yesterday the country’s vaccination drive had reached “cruising speed” after a record 3.5 million doses were injected into arms last week.

Pedro Sánchez believes a law requiring facemasks outside will soon vanish as the rollout gathers pace with almost 15 million people vaccinated in Spain.

He said “we will soon drop the use of facemasks” while in the open air now
campaign to vaccinate people had “reached cruising speed”.

And referring to the target of having 70% of the population immunised by the end of summer, the premier said: “In a few weeks, 50% of the population will have at least one dose, the plan is clear and well-observed.”

He acknowledged the pandemic had dealt a “serious blow” to the Spanish and global economy but said the total vaccination of the population was “the bridge toward total recovery”.

Currently Spanish law dictates everyone over the age of six must wear a mask – including outdoors and even when social distancing can be observed.

However, many health experts have called for an easing of the facemask rules. To lift the legal requirement would mean central government approving a royal decree to change legislation.

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