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Covid: Mass coronavirus outbreak after student trips

BayRadio | June 25, 2021

THE Spanish government has advised youngsters to cancel end of school trips to the Balearic Islands after a mass outbreak across the country following vacations in Mallorca.

The health authorities have reported 320 infected youngsters and more than 2,000 in quarantine in Madrid alone – and there have been related cases in the regions of Valencia, Murcia, the Basque Country and Aragón. Galicia reports 50 infections linked to school trips to the island.

Students from 31 secondary schools in Madrid are affected – they had stayed at eight different hotels on the island and enjoyed “a rather intense programme of activities, including festivals”.

And in response to the outbreak, central government’s health ministry has
recommended halting further trips to Mallorca because of “high risk of transmission” during such trips.

According to health experts, youngsters met in Mallorca to celebrate the end of school between June 11 and 20; they socialised and went to a number of crowded events.

The health ministry said none of the cases to date were serious and no one had required hospital treatment. Despite ongoing health restrictions across the hospitality sector, youngsters were seen on social media crowded together and not wearing facemasks.

Written by BayRadio

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