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Covid: People asked to continue wearing a mask. Valencia government worried by rise in infections

BayRadio | June 30, 2021
Face Mask

VALENCIA’S president Ximo Puig has appealed for people to keep wearing a mask outdoors to battle rising Covid-19 infections.

The regional government has halted the further easing of coronavirus restrictions for 15 more days – and has appealed for residents to continue wearing a face covering in the street.

Legislation making masks mandatory was changed by Madrid on June 26. People must carry one to wear outdoors when social distancing cannot be observed.

However, Valencia wants people to continue to wear a mask in the street and only dispense with them at the beach or out in the countryside.

A blunt Puig admitted “the situation worries us” as cases begin to rise ahead of the summer and asked for people to wear masks. “We think it is good if they continue to be used.”

Coronavirus cases are rising across the country, including in the region. In Valencia itself, Spain’s third largest city, there is a cumulative incidence rate of 187 per 100,000 people.

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