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Covid: masks are “common sense”. Valencia calls for people to act responsibly

BayRadio | July 20, 2021
Face Mask

VALENCIA president Ximo Puig has appealed to the public to use “common sense” and wear a face mask outside when social distancing cannot be followed.

The politician said he does not foresee making wearing a face covering outdoors mandatory again but recommended wearing a mask “when there is the least doubt” over being in a crowd.

As holidaymakers flock to the coastal areas and resorts of the region for summer holidays, the politician asked them to “always apply common sense” because of rising cases of coronavirus.

He said he wanted people to act with “co-responsibility” and while it was not necessary to use a face covering in country areas or on the beach, he believes it should be worn “in all other areas”.

And Mr Puig said: “Bear in mind that if social distancing measures cannot be met, it is essential to wear a mask – the pandemic is still very much with us; there can be no relaxation beyond what is reasonable.”

Meanwhile, the Balearic Islands could be the first of Spain’s autonomous regions to make the wearing of face masks outside once again compulsory, regardless of social distancing measures.

The region is looking to bring the law back into force this week as infection rates on the islands continue to rise.

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