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25 people from Biar in Alicante will receive a third dose of coronavirus vaccine due to an error

BayRadio | July 30, 2021
Pfizer, Moderna & Astrazeneca Vaccine

The Valencian Government will inject a third dose to a group of residents of Biar who were mistakenly inoculated with serum without the dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

The staff at the Biar health centre noticed the error when checking the surpluses at the end of the day.  The identity of the persons who received the serum is unknown, but it is known that they belong to the group born in 1978.

After communicating it to Public Health and not being able to identify which neighbors were those with the dose of Pfizer or diluted serum, two possibilities were evaluated: leave some 30 persons without minimum protection against the virus or carry out a third inoculation. The decision has been to immunize all the neighbours of this generation for the third time.

Health professionals have taken into account that, although the level of antibodies that report a booster dose is still being studied, it does not have an extra health risk. In this way, those affected will have to wait the 21 days that the protocol marks between the two punctures of Pfizer.

It’s not the first time it’s happened. It already happened in May when the Health Department of Madrid made appointments for older people for a third dose of Pfizer because of a “human error” in the first dose they received.

Recently, the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer has said that a third dosage of its serum can “boost strongly” protection against the Delta variant, which is already dominant in Europe, against both doses.

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