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From today, vaccinated British tourists who come to Spain will not have to quarantine on return

BayRadio | August 2, 2021

As August starts with several important decisions in sight for the summer campaign of the tourism sector in Spain. Two of these decisions have to do with the United Kingdom and whether or not to quarantine against the coronavirus pandemic and the possible entry of Spain on its amber plus list.

As of today, any traveller from the EU and the US, that is fully vaccinated, that wants to enter the UK will not have to be quarantined. These travelers will have to take “the usual” anticovid test before traveling and a “PCR test on the second day of returning to England”.

Transportation Minister Grant Shapps said this measure will “help reunite” with “family and friends in the UK” with those who “live in the US and EU countries”. So far the only travelers free to quarantine when entering the British country were those citizens who had been vaccinated against the COVID-19 in the United Kingdom.

Travellers from any French destination will have to remain in such isolation, as France is included in the ‘amber plus’ list and this is precisely the second key issue that will be clarified this week as the increase in contagion in the fifth wave of the pandemic in Spain threatens that we will now enter this new classification of the British COVID traffic light.

What’s the amber plus list?

The amber plus list was created specifically for France last June and is an intermediate rating on the risk thermometer used by the UK to make decisions about the virus.

Currently Spain is in amber, the only country that is in ambar plus is France. If Spain changes to amber plus on the COVID traffic light in the UK then yes, travelers from Spain that are vaccinated or not would have to be quarantined on arrival.

However, there is hope that the drop in the contagion curve of the last days will allow Spain to avoid this position. If not, The Times fears an exodus of up to a million tourists currently on our holiday territory.

Written by BayRadio

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